The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, November 7, 2016

First Snow 2016

Winter finally arrived and we are loving it!  
 Leisl has perfected the snow angel - but insists that the only way to keep it perfect is to not move when she's done.  She'll lay like this forever until I come and pick her up out of her creation.
Noah wants nothing more than to eat as much of the snow as possible.  He'll lay down with his face in it and just munch away.  Silly guy.  (we couldn't find his gloves so he's sporting his sister's pink ones).
Ksenya has figured out that if she is willing to get the little ones in their snow clothes then it's much more likely that I'll come out and play too (I hate the bundling workout pre-snow-play).  She is such a great helper and finds a way to look like a model no matter what activity we're doing.

Boys - need I say more?  They've found a dozen ways to love the snow.

I don't think he's quite loved enough do you?  How I love my winter herd - and how I am loving Alaska winters!  I only hope this one has a little more snow than last and that the wind leaves it in my yard long enough to play in.  

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