The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Friday, November 11, 2016

5 Miles

Kabe has been working in scouting and only had a few requirements left.  One of those was to hike for 5 miles using a compass and a map.  Well, he picked out his route and we got on our cold weather clothes and we headed out.  We let the kids decide if they wanted to come and Ayvri was the only other child who wanted to go (she has a hiker spirit). 
Off we went.  I didn't realize how completely out of shape I've gotten until we hit about mile 3.  Kabe and Ayvri were great sports though and we got to see some interesting and beautiful country.  We chose a pretty easy trail (it is winter after all, and the Mama hasn't been working out).  We also didn't want to get lost so we picked a pretty well marked area - not realizing that we'd be hiking through people's backyards.  

Still it was a lot of fun to just spend that much time talking with them while we hiked.  Another requirement down and the boy is one step further down the scouting path.  See?  The scouting program blesses boys AND their out-of-breath mothers.  

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