The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016

If you've followed our family you know that I'm usually a big fan of halloween.  In fact - I usually plan in advance for months on what we'll dress up like and how the celebration will go.  Well, this year I just wasn't feeling it.  Needless to say, this Halloween came together in under a week and you know what?  It ROCKED!
The cast of characters was wonderfully random - Ksenya and Kabe went for Star Wars and made an excellent Padme and Han Solo.  

Leisl chose to be a Blue Spider Witch.  She loved her spider web cape and the broom her brothers made her from sticks they found in the backyard.  

Darla was quite appropriately the Queen of Hearts.  The crown turned out perfect and we learned a great lesson about using food coloring to color hair (her hair was pink for at least a month and a half).

They were so stinking cute!

Ayvri was a Medieval Princess.  

Brigham was killing me.  He had said for a while he wanted to be Spock - thankfully we found this shirt at a thrift store and the black food coloring washed out much better than Darla's red.  He loved saying, "Live long and prosper" but he insisted on doing it with an English accent (like Harry Potter) which really threw off the Star Trek vibe.  What a funny kid!

Noah was Ayvri's frog - I remember when Ayvri did the princess and a frog years ago in Idaho when Brigham was the baby.  It felt just right for her to do it again with Noah.  

At the trunk or treat I lost Leisl.  I found her in the trunk of one of our friend's van - handing out candy.  It was so funny - she had found a place to stay warm,  a place with candy and none of my supervision.  

Here's a better shot of Padme - though her hair was really cool and you can't see it in this picture.  

Here is the princess with her frog (and her frog's bear - the boy goes no-where without his bear).  

Another line-up at the trunk or treat.  After the ward trunk or treat it just didn't feel like we had celebrated so we took Halloween day and made a party!  

We made a bunch of potion bottles out of old Standard Process vitamin jars and stuff we found in the yard.  The kids loved this art project.  

They cut out bats and we strung orange streamers and spider webs all over the living room.

We made masking tape sculptures out of our hands and prepared some funny spooky party food for the event.  The best part was the candlesticks we made with battery operated candle tea-lights.  We hung them from the ceiling with fishing string.  It looked just like the great hall in Harry Potter and we all loved it!  We went trick-or-treating through our neighborhood for a little while and then when Daddy got home we had dinner and watched the beginning of a movie.  

Lesson learned: it doesn't take much to make it a party - just a little time and effort.  Also, the kids don't care how elaborate their costumes are or how much hand sewing I do to make them look authentic.  I'm so glad I have these little people to party with and glad that their Daddy is such a good sport when I get urge to celebrate.

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