The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mat-su College Hike

The kids and I ventured out with some friends to hike what was supposed to be a "leisurely" trail behind the college just 5 minutes from our house.
It started out sunny and beautiful and the kids were in high spirits.

Even Noah was super excited to get back out on the trail.
I wish I could say we maintained those high spirits.  Once we headed into the trees the BUGS quickly dampened our spirits.  The mosquitoes were seriously swarming - particularly our exposed heads.  I think I may need to invest in mosquito nets.  Poor Noah couldn't keep them off and Brigham had 13 bites on his HEAD by the time we finished.  Needless to say, we will be finding a better solution to that bug problem.  

This was the pond at one point on the trail.  Even with the bugs it was breathtaking.  The picture doesn't show the huge yellow blossoms on the lily pads in the lake - I don't know what they were but I wanted to wade out and pick one.  Another 2 miles down on our 50 mile summer.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Piano Time

I finally bit the bullet and started Darla on piano.  She's wanted to for a while but I have been dragging my feet.  It's so fun to see her excited face and the enthusiasm with which she approaches it for now.  I know it will pass, but right now she is gung-ho iguana and that helps me stay motivated with the others as well.  I'm so thankful my Mama taught me to play.

Hands Full

In our family (most families do it I think) we have paired up our kids to make the whole "family of 7" thing feel more manageable.  Rather than naming them all, often we'll refer to the "brownies" - my first and second born child who both have brown hair and brownish skin.  Then we have the "blondies" - my third and fourth born who are very fair and blond.  Next come "the girls" who are the girliest pair in our home and hate being called the little kids.  The older girls don't mind when I refer to these two as "THE girls" - at least they haven't told me so.
And then.  There at the bottom.  The one that got away.  We have THE baby.  THE Noah.  THE boy.  Also lovingly referred to (as all the others were at this age) as IT.  "Please get it a drink", "who wants to change it?" and "find out why it's crying".  In our home this is a term of endearment - I promise.  

So - what does "boy your hands must be full" look like these days?  Well - usually it looks like this.  While none of my babies are too big yet to sit on my lap or cuddle with me occasionally, these three are almost always there, and in my head a chant the phrase, "let it last, let it last, let it last" because if there's one thing I've learned as a mother these last 12 years - it wont.  And I'll miss it.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Eagle River Nature Center

We had some awesome Alaskan/Hawaiian visitors and it gave us the perfect excuse to head to the Eagle River Nature Center.  We had been wanting to go for a while, but this helped us make it happen.
The views here are incredible - almost unreal.  The water had a blue tint because it comes off the glacier I guess.  

So awesome!  In Texas we said, "everything's bigger" and while that was true with a lot of things - the views here are pretty big.

The kids had fun climbing in, on, around and through trees.

See?  Lots of trees.

Trees here are weeds.  People actually mow them down.  

Anway - great hike and the center has some really fun things for the kids to explore.  Yet another beautiful place in our new Alaska home.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Activity Days Camp

This year Ayvri got to go on a three day -day camp with her church group.  They did so many fun things and I got to join them for one day.  
Here is the group - our ward's girls group is pretty huge.  

Ayvri has the cutest friends!

Why are kids this age so very sweet?

The facility was pretty cool - a scout camp with all the amenities and lots of neat classes and activities.

Again - the cuteness just never stops. 

This was on our botany hike - it looks like a postcard to me.  The plants here are unreal.  I've never lived anywhere that a FERN would grow in the wild like a weed, but it does here.  

And we found this little friend who is obviously used to the campers and enjoying his cheese because he let me get REALLY close.

Told ya - this was on my phone - we were inches from each other.

And then the lake.  This is a serious canoe face.

This is such a fun exercise to watch - nothing screams team building like tandem canoes.

And then the water.  Yes - she's swimming in a Lake in Alaska in May.  It was cold.

Her biggest problem was that she couldn't get herself back onto the dock in that oversized life vest.  Every time she wanted to climb out the life guard would haul her out and then watch her jump back in.  I could never be a lifeguard.

What's more girly than sunbathing? 

Sunbathing with your heads together so you can still chatter.

This place was surreal and beautiful.  Blue water, blue skies, green everywhere else. 

It was an awesome day.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Alaska Dirt

The kids decided with the onset of summer we needed to play in the water.  I think the lawn is sad and maybe this will help.
This little boy had his first real experience with playing in the dirt.  He got right down and rolled in it - ate a little and rubbed it into his hair. 

I think he had a good time.

And then at the mention of bathtime he ran across the yard.  Silly boy.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Kincaid Park

I'm not sure how I didn't get any pictures with Aunt Amber and Peter when they were here, but we had a lot of fun!
After we picked them up from the airport we went and took a little hike in Kincaid Park in Anchorage.  This was a seriously HUGE park, with so many trails!  We made it far enough to see the ocean before we decided to head back.  What a beautiful place we live in.  We even saw a couple moose on the side of the road (alive) but I wasn't fast enough to get a picture. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pinewood Masterpiece

I'm a girl.  This means that in the culture in which I was raised I never had the chance to build a pinewood derby car.  That's a scout thing.  Now I'm not complaining - in fact I think it's great that my first opportunity came just a few weeks ago when our ward activity invited everyone to build a car.  I was ready for this and had big plans.  
I got a little carried away, but it was SO fun!  I want to take up whittling, or wood working.  I told Tyler I want to get a giant log or stump so I can carve a totem pole in the backyard.  Seriously - this was some major craft therapy for me.

But - I let the girls claim it as their own and race it.  We were slow - didn't even come close to the fast cars, but we were so pretty we got the Sweeptakes trophy.

And what a trophy it was!  Where do you put this thing?  Such a fun night - our ward really is awesome at throwing parties.