The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Good Things - January 2017

I decided to try something this January - write one thing every day that went RIGHT.  Something good, a tender mercy or something that just made me smile.  So - here it is.  Proof that even in the dead of winter, there is sunshine and roses and it really is the little things that matter.

Good Things January 2017

Jan 31- had a work meeting today I was really dreading - turns out it was not nearly as horrible as I expected and now it's over! Hallelujah!

Jan 30th- tonight I'm thankful that Leisl has a hard head. She took a baking sheet to the noggin and only has a honey bruise and some swelling. It could have been so much worse!

Jan 29th- making progress on my home videos goal and tonight I updated my blog. I love looking back and bring able to re-watch my babies as they grow. 

Jan 28- space Derby rocked. Ty was such a good sport and helped me string balloons across the gym. It was a hit and we had 33/40 kids participate. Awesome!!

Jan 27- had a great time singing with the kids' choirs today. Music is so fun. 

Jan 26- great day to not leave the house. It's COLD outside! I love watching the snow from my nice warm home. 

Jan 25-Tyler goes to scouts now. I'm so thankful Kabe has great leaders as he transitions to YM. 

Jan 24- I'm making good progress on my new song "incantation". I do love playing the piano and it gives me great joy. Thank heavens for music. 

Jan 23- the missionaries came over tonight. It's always nice to have them here and watch them interact with the kids. I'm so happy to hear my children say they want to serve missions. 

Jan 22- primary was fun today. I love teaching about the Plan of Salvation, it is my favorite topic to share with the kids and today they were with me. Also, Ksenya really felt the spirit in YW. I'm very thankful for her good leaders. 

Jan 21- Noah is sick. I hate that but it does give me a reason to just sit and snuggle him. 

Jan 20- new president today. He spoke of America being "under God" again. I'm hopeful he will bring good change. 

Jan 19- got burger jim tonight with Ty. Yummy. 

Jan 18- sweet kiddos cleaned the garage for their dad today without being reminded. They are really wonderfully helpful kids. 

Jan 17- I love studying with the kids, especially science. We are all so fascinated by Gods creations. 

Jan 16-today I threw caution to the wind and called a snow day after school. The snow is so beautiful! Kabe and I built a snow cave and we had so much fun together. 

Jan 15- had a lot of fun playing games with Scott and Katie tonight. Laughter is so healthy. 

Jan 14- my babies have the best laughs. Just sitting in the car waiting for Dad and the big kids (swimming) and listening to my 3 littlest giggling out of control at each other. Best sound in the world. 

Jan 13- I witnessed the sweetest exchange between Ksenya and Darla. "What ya doing?"  "I'm printing temple names."  "What?"  "These cards have names of people in our family tree who died before they could get baptized. I'm taking them to the temple to be baptized for them."  "Oh, Cool!"  How I love the temple and my beautiful children. First time in the temple for my Kabe. Such a tender event to watch him and his dad in the font together. 

Jan 12- tonight I invited friends over to discuss our first "Women in the Scriptures" class. It was uplifting and inspiring. I'm so thankful for the example of righteous women in my life. 

Jan 11- even when it's -11 degrees and Tyler is feeling the "blues" he still makes me laugh and I love talking and venting with him. So thankful to have a buddy to let it all out and late night snack with!

Jan 10- Ksenya wrote a beautiful essay today about yesterday entitled "self reliance". I am amazed by my children. 

Jan 9- Today we implemented our love and logic movement. There were a lot of tears but at the end of the day more love and respect than we have had for a while. So thankful for parental inspiration and Tyler to be my partner. 

Jan 8- Grateful today for tender mercies. A way to get our property from Cedar to Alaska (and Mom & Dad P's as well), presented itself this morning. Also Robert decided to change his plan for Mel and the kids to drive up. Little things that were weighing heavy on my mind (and Tyler's). The Lord is truly mindful of us. 

Jan 7- After being incredibly frustrated with the kids this evening Tyler sat down with me and helped me formulate a "love and logic" plan to address some of my biggest stresses. I'm so thankful to have a partner in parenting that is so smart and loving and who is willing to put in the time in the trenches with me to raise good kids. 

Jan 6- today at Walmart we have $10 to a homeless man. The kids were so affected and concerns for him the rest of the day. 

Jan 5-got to deliver a few thoughtful things today with the birthday girl. She is so fun. She wanted celery with her the birthday dinner. She makes me laugh.

Jan 4- Ryan's surgery went well today. I'm concerned (distressed) and so is Tyler but I know God can work miracles and make our trials blessings. 

Jan 3- I thoroughly loved reading out loud to the kids today. They are such fun people and love books as much as me. Even Noah sat on my lap and listened. 

Jan 2- made Mom cry today when I wished her happy birthday. She's so great. 

Jan 1- I love teaching primary with our new seating arrangement. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Out of This World!

The Cub Scouts leaders decided we would invite all the Activity Day girls to do a Space Derby.  We are talking 40 kids racing their rockets.  This was a tricky one because none of us (parents and leaders) had EVER done a space derby before.  It ended up being one of my favorite scout events ever.  
Here are my cute racers and their amazingly creative rockets!

Tyler helped run the races and did a great job of getting everyone into the starting places.  

He also helped me and another leader to string balloons across the whole ceiling of the gym - it looked so great and didn't take all that long.  When Brigham saw it done he said, "wow mom!  That looks great! I bet it cost a lot huh?!"  I made the mistake of saying, "actually it was just $5 worth of balloons."  Now he wants to do it for every activity.  

The rockets were so creative and actually quite a bit of fun to build.  

In all it was a great even that I hope to repeat each year (if I can talk them into it!).  Scouts can be so much fun!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Just Keep Snowing

The Alaska winter has not disappointed this year!  The snow just keeps coming and we are loving it so much.  Kabe and I built an awesome snow cave in the front yard.  It was big enough for both of us with a rear entrance tunnel.  I won't lie when I had to "mind over matter" my clostraphobia a few times - but it was really cool. 
The kids have also built a ride-able unicorn on the front lawn, multiple snowmen (some of them child-eating) and we have enjoyed hours upon hours of sledding.  

Seriously - winter is awesome.  I love snow!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Kabe Goes to the Temple

 Kabe finally got to attend the temple for Baptisms for the Dead!  Lucky Mom actually got to come with and watch Daddy perform the ordinance for both of the big kids.  What a beautiful night together in such a beautiful place.
 Sure do love these two and the great choices that they are making in their lives.  It's nice to see them so very happy and enjoying each other more all the time.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Wild Bunch

These three little monkeys are going stir crazy.  With the winter weather there just hasn't been as much wild play time as they need and they are always in the mood to "snuggle" which is really code for wrestle.  Thankfully Daddy has a lot of energy and big muscles.  He is always willing to be the human pillow - even if he just stepped in the door from work.  
 Noah just keeps growing.  I just love how he always has a bear under one arm.  He is still a little thumb-sucker but usually only when he's sleeping and he speaks constantly and really clearly.
Don't blink Mommy - you might just miss it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ice Fishing

The Daddy took the Big kids ice fishing.  It looks cold, but they said they had a great time.

 Tyler thinks he's cursed.  They didn't catch anything and he joked that when he left they would.  Not five minutes after he left to come home - they started catching fish and a big bald eagle came and snatched one up right off the ice next to them.
 The snow has been so beautiful this winter.  It keeps snowing and we've enjoyed it so much.  Less so - the temperatures which have been C-O-L-D!
It's ok Alaska - when I said I wanted a "real" Alaska winter I was referring to snowfall, not cold.  

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Ayvri hits Double Digits!

Ayvri had a fun birthday - we went swimming for her adventure and she got to pick all the food.  

Of course for a girl of 10 she has very mature tastes - corn dogs with root beer and celery sticks.  She did make a great choice on cake and ice cream though.  We sure do love our Ayvri Belle!