Sunday, February 7, 2016

Flat Telly

There's nothing better about living in a new place than playing host to loved ones.  This month we've had our first visitor to the "Up North" - Flat Telly!  What a surprise when he arrived in our mailbox and we were anxious to show him around.  Here are some of the highlights of his visit.  
First he was off to Juneau with the Daddy - he even got his own seat on the plane.  He didn't tell me but I'm pretty sure Uncle Tower even offered to share his peanuts.
They visited a glacier while they were there.  They both said it looked a LOT bigger than it looks in the pictures.
They found a moose in the airport - this one wasn't scary at all, just stood there and stared.  We found a couple in our neighborhood a few days later that were much less stationary.
In the Juneau airport there's a baby black bear.  Thankfully - we didn't see any of these in real life during his visit.  He looks a little hungry to me.
Once they got back from their trip we took Tell for a hike.  We found the most interesting mushrooms growing everywhere.  There were frilly ones on this tree and fuzzy ones that felt like velvet on our cheeks.  
We also found this interesting pile of nuts?  Ok - really it's moose poop.  Moose are ruminants so they chew their food, then swallow, spit it back up and chew it some more.  That's why their poop is so uniform in color and texture.  It's only dry like this in the winter, in the spring and summer when they're eating more live plants it's more like a cowpie, but still very uniform.  Bear poop has seeds in it - that's how you tell the difference.
We took him to the museum in our little town and saw some interesting things there - it was a cold day and we had just gone to a baptism so we were all dressed up.
This is a life sized replica of the winning sized veggies for the world record weights in 2009.  The cabbage weighed 127 pounds.  This cabbage doesn't hold the record any more, but it's still pretty impressive!  Alaska grows huge veggies because of all the sunlight we get during the summer.
One fun thing we got to show him was the northern lights.  They're really hard to photograph with a phone camera but so cool to watch.  Tell thought they looked a lot like green fire in the sky.  

Flat Telly is flying home in about a week. Hopefully we have a few more adventures in store for him before he goes.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy? New Year

We spent New Years Eve at Grandma and Papa Horse's playing games with the Kade Petersen Family and Papa (Grandma is with Aunt Sarah & new baby Delilah).  
Elise and Ksenya had a time with the Dominoes.
I'm not sure happy is the word for midnight and my kids, but they were all awake (or at least sort of awake).
Brigham especially really just wanted his bed.  Darla was happy to be up until we hit the car.  What a funny tradition.
Wishing you peace and pyramids for the new year :)

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Christmas 2014

Happy Christmas from the Petersen Family 2014.  This year we are thankful we got to go on Trek, thankful for "Lucky Chance" baby #7 on the way and thankful for all the many blessings we've had this year.  Hoping your Christmas is merry and bright!  

Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Fall Ya'all

With the shorter days Brig had his Kindergarten open house at the SUU observatory.  We got to look in the big telescope and check out some other cool things.  What a fun night.

Baby goats!  These ones came a little late (or early) but we couldn't resist driving out to check on them.

Pretty Ksenya keeps stealing her Mom's earrings.  I fear this is just the beginning.

Little girls like to take selfies - though they haven't figured out the smiling part yet

I guess the bigger kids haven't either.  This is them right after crossfit - they really love the exercise and games and are quite competitive about it.  I think Brig has a crush on his coach Sarah (who is married to a Brigham which means she has a soft spot for him too).  It's good someone is getting some exercise :)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Time Out for Women

We finally convinced the "upper" (not to be confused with older) generation of Guymon women to let us tag along for their sisters weekend.  Luckily I also convinced a few of my sisters to join us.  Aimee, Jeri, Mom and I met up with Mel in Provo and headed to SLC for the blessed event and enough Estrogen to make any girl giddy.
The speakers were amazing, the bonding was out of this world, there was a lot of girl sharing and mommy-talk and it was blissful.  I also got to catch up with "The Aunts" (whom I adore) and a cousin or two that I haven't seen in!!!
Kudos to the Daddy's for making this possible.  Yes - I realize that full frontals of me while pregnant aren't really flattering but seriously?  It's been done so many times, what's one more???  
Look - here we all are!  Thanks to Niki for hosting the whole group and for "the Aunts" for letting us crash the party.  I really did love the whole thing.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hello Tin Grin

Yes, it's Kabe's turn.  Here his is with his big old teeth - although this before picture really doesn't do it justice considering he'd already had a spacer for a while and they're already a whole heck of a lot straighter now than they were.
And here he is with a metal mouth.  He is so excited to have straight teeth and I think he's absolutely charming no matter what.  Love this sweet boy and all his growing pains.

Friday, November 7, 2014

There is an Arizona!

Every once in a while we just have to get out of Dodge and this time we got to go on a fun couples weekend for one of Daddy's CBA training seminars in Phoenix.  I'd been anxious to accompany him on this particular one because of a little store called "Last Chance" where I'd heard we could get screaming deals on nice clothing - and boy did we!
We did a lot of this (sitting in the back row and reading while Daddy listened to his classes).  ( also did a lot of answering the question, "Is this your first?" to which I of course replied, "Oh, no." Followed by, "How many do you have?"  Me, "this will be seven".  stunned silence.  I get it people - that's a lot of kids and thank heavens I don't look old enough.  Are there no pregnant people in Arizona?
We had to take a few pictures for the kiddos - I thought this impressive cactus was cool and Daddy was a good sport and climbed the hill so I could get a picture of him with it.
This one was for Brigham.  For lunch I ordered "Lobster Bisque".  If you don't get the reference then you just don't watch enough good TV (think Studio C).  What a nice trip.  We stayed in a nice hotel, slept in, got all our Christmas shopping done (thank you Goodwill) and I finished reading my book.  The perfect weekend get-away.  This post was brought to you by Aunt Jeri - the sponsor of so many of my good times.  She watched the kids and let us borrow her gas-saving vehicle.  (ps, don't sit in a vw bug when you're very pregnant for 8+hours solid, it does bad things to your body).