The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Stolen Phones

My phone is a hot commodity in our house.  Even though it's "against the rules" to play on mom's phone and kids "aren't allowed" to sneak photos and videos - I quite often find these little gems.
This is our "splits" practice.  She's amazingly bendy for being a product of our gene pool.  

We're perfecting our duck face.  I still haven't figured out the duck face but it must be part of the initiation into teenagerhood.

The dred-locks indicate that this was a morning photograph.  She is the most notorious for phone-thieving.

Silly cheeser who never brushes her teeth and screams when I hold her down to do it.  She will probably need dentures before she reaches puberty.  (pretend I don't sound like I've already given up on her teeth).  

These two are both mini-me's.  And they are weird like me. 

Ok - they are all weird.   I love it - what silly girls.  

The boys are surprisingly absent in this representation of phone thievery.  That is not to say that they aren't part of it - they  just generally take ninja videos which are long and awkward and I choose not to post here.  

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Spice of Life

Ksenya had a science fair project and decided she wanted to test different things to see which helped ease the burn of jalapeno's the fastest.  She arranged for some test subjects (we call those missionaries) to come over and eat peppers and other weird things.

Elder "S" and Elder Lee were such good sports.  Kabe and Brigham and Daddy pitched in too.

The concensus was that milk is definitely the best - sugar makes it worse and toothpaste makes men want to throw up.

It was a fun experience to watch as they each worked through their macho-ness and gave honest results.

Noah enjoyed the whole experience from his high chair and really wanted a pepper of his own.  Ksenya got her data and we all enjoyed a fun filled afternoon.  Thanks to the missionaries who were such good sports and are becoming some of our favorite people!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Beauty Shop Guys

Ksenya decided she was ready to color her hair.  I figure that's only natural since I was the same age when I decided it would be fun.  Rather than having her go off with an Aunt and come back fire-truck red (sounds familiar?) we went together and got some red for highlights and I tried my hand at foiling.
I had never done it before but I've seen it done a bunch and I think it turned out really natural.

 She was a little nervous - but brave enough to try it and showed a lot of faith in me.
 Good thing she's patient because I wasn't really very fast.
 The finished product was subtle and natural, but very shiny and added a little "oomph" and brightness to her lovely locks.  She was happy, Mom was happy and it was a fun bonding experience.
I decided to go with a little blond and thanks to the Daddy (who was such a good sport but told me he never wants to do it again), I came out nicely too!  What a fun thing to try together.  Having girls is awesome.

Monday, April 18, 2016

District Honors Orchestra

Ksenya was chosen to participate in the district Honors Orchestra as one of only a handful of kids from her Middle School.  She worked really hard to learn all the music.  

Her favorite piece was from Phantom of the Opera.

I think she was the most beautiful violinist there and did a fantastic job! 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Conference Time

It's time for General Conference and we're all ready.  We have the photos hung and the notes posters ready - we have the playdough and pipe cleaners and snacks.
I love seeing what the kids write on the posters with the ties - some of them are great notes, and others, mostly "art".

This year instead of setting up a tent (which is in the shed in Utah), we hung sheets from the ceiling.  I think it was better than the tent because we had the feeling of a tent and something special, but we got to utilize the whole living room and it wasn't so loud - I think we'll stick to this.

The kids were busy and engaged and mostly quiet the whole time and I actually got to hear - every. speaker.  This is epic!  I also like having it a little earlier (8-10 and 12-2) because then when it's over we still have time to do something together as a family before dinner and bedtime.

I love General Conference.  So MUCH!!! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

All that gak

One of our favorite activities is making Gak - the kids love to play with the weird textures and blow bubbles and bounce it all over the house.  
We made enough for everyone to have their own color and each batch had a different texture (even though we used the same recipe - go figure).

Kabe was at work with Daddy because he was having a crappy attitude (it happens to the best of us).  I had to laugh because he got very bored at the office later and Daddy found the remains of a business card that had been stabbed to death with the words "courtesy of Kabe" written on it.  Silly guy - next time maybe he won't miss out on the gak.  

Friday, March 18, 2016

Birthday Baby

This silly girl had a birthday - I told her not to, but she did it anyway.  I'm not surprised.

If I had to sum up Leisl in one word I couldn't do it - but two?  That's easy:
1. Determined
2. Loving

She is completely positive that she always knows the best way, always has the answer, always needs to say her piece and always needs to be obeyed.  She has no qualms about correcting and bossing adults and bigger children and gets very very offended if she feels like she's not being heard.  She wants things done HER way and is very concerned with giving her input.

She is also very loving - she adores absolutely everyone.  Her bus driver is one of her favorite people and she insists on giving him kisses each day as she gets off the bus (much to his discomfort).  She loves to hug and kiss on all the people in her life.  She loves to snuggle and quite often at home she'll come to find me like there's an emergency in a total panic only to say, "hug & liss".  

We love our little "weet-hot" Happy Birthday "Leetol"