The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Learning & Laughing Together

This was a magical math moment - each school morning we start with math around the kitchen table.  They are so stinking cute when I get a chance to sit back and "watch" them learn. 

Look what Brigham's going to play?  He got to go and try out a cello to see if it was going to be a good fit.  We decided "yes" so I'm sure there will be more pictures like this in the future.  

Noah LOVES the ipad - I know I should limit his exposure but it gives me a nice break to work with the bigger kids on math so each morning he and Leisl get 30 minutes on the ipad.  He is content most of the time to sit and watch her practice her numbers.  

School is pretty funny sometimes.  These are Ayvri's notes about water pressure.  We were discussing why you can't scuba dive to the bottom of the abyssal plain.  I think her illustration makes perfect sense.
This was another funny school moment.  We were discussing our lungs and how the pressure of the water would crush your lungs.  I told them to take a deep breath with their hand on their chest and feel the air fill up their lungs.  I explained that lungs are like two big balloons in your chest and they fill with air when you breathe.  A minute later I decided to review and see if they were listening.  I asked, "What is in your chest like two big balloons?"  Leisl leapt to her feet and held up her marker board and shouted, "Boobs!"  Well played little wonder, well played.  

My brownies joined me at a little excursion to the thrift store and spent an hour enjoying their halloween selection.  

We had a mishap with our stove.  Someone (who shall remain unnamed) booby-trapped the cupboard with my heavy glass pitcher.  When Kabe opened the cubpoard the pitcher crashed down onto the glass top stove and it shattered.  We had to find a new stove and ended up finding one down in Anchorage so Kabe joined Mom and Dad on a little drive down to the city.  I guess I should have looked up the address on the map before we went because it was a LONG drive clear up the side of the mountain and we ended up on the top of the world looking out at the ocean and the volcano beyond.  The view was incredible but when the guy said, "those are bear prints on my lawn" and that he gets wind gusts at 146 mph I decided I like where I live a whole lot. Still, nice view!

We love our missionaries.  At least 2 times a month we have them come over and subject them to our crazy.  On this night they were using a game of Jenga to illustrate the restoration.  Too bad they transfer.  We'd keep these two for 2 more years.  

The kids earned another (and final) cotton ball adventure so we went bowling again.  This is such a funny sport and turns out Ayvri was the best bowler in our group on this day.

More ipad time.  I love that she usually holds his face.  

Brigham and Darla had a printing "test" and this is what they came up with.  I was pretty impressed with the handwriting for both of them.  

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