The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Big T 2016

This boy has shot up like a rocket in the last few months.  I think he's trying to outgrow everyone in the family and eats like he is his own army.
This guy was very skeptical of the homeschooling plan but has turned into it's greatest defender.  He loves all of his lessons and is a good sport about everything new that I throw at him.  Most recently he's been begging for months for a Cello and just started a couple days ago.  It might be the coolest thing ever.

I love this kids dimples and toothless grin.  I've pulled so many of his teeth in the last few weeks!  He is fun and silly and wild and loves to run and play outside.  I loves all things Dinosaur right now and I think he's read every book written about dinosaurs.  He can tell you their names and characteristics and is always asking if ____ one would beat ____ in a fight (which of course I don't know).  
He is my question asker and is constantly asking the most obtuse things.  Then he laughs like, "good one, huh mom".  When he had his birthday we were talking about what he wanted to do for his adventure.  He said, "Hatcher Pass is closed.  When does the 3rd Avengers movie come out?"  Took me a while to figure out how those two things were connected.  He is always connecting unrelated thoughts and keeping me thinking.  
Heavy on his mind the last few months has been preparing for baptism and for starting scouts (regrettably I think they are equally important in his mind right now).  He has studied and taught lessons and read so many things about it.  He has also prepared to pass off all the requirements for the Bear rank on his first day of scouts.  What an amazing boy.  I sure do love his hugs and how he wants me to bite him every night when I tuck him in. (in case you didn't know, biting is a sign of affection in our family).  

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