The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Oh My, Darlin'!

This little girl is pure sunshine.  Perfectionist, diva, drama queen, little mama and chatterbox she's a little bit of everything and then some. 
One of the things I love about Darla is that she isn't shy about anything.  She will march right up to a stranger and give them a piece of her mind whether they are a grown up or not and usually her mind is loving and kind.  She's a marvel to behold and is constantly laughing.
She also has a sweet soft side and has the most interesting things to say.  Just when I think Darla isn't listening she'll pop off with a question that blows my mind.  

Darla loves to HOLD HANDS.  She is always reaching out for my hand wherever we go and is content to sit and read with me as long as she's touching me.  She is also a phenomenal reader - with such enthusiasm and inflection that I get caught up listening to her and forget what I'm doing.  What a rare gift at 6 years old to be such a good story-teller.  

Darla likes to do things her own way and doesn't like to be bossed, but she's also very obedient and wants to please.  

Anyone who knows Darla knows that she has a special sparkle in her eyes.  To say it's distinctive is an understatement - I've only seen eyes like hers in one other place - her namesake.  Those eyes make me smile every time and she's so quick to laugh and enjoy herself that she's a joy to be around.

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