The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tinker Bella

If I had to choose one word to describe Ayvri I would say she is content.  I've never seen a kid who is so thrilled with the everyday mundane.  She is so easy to please that sometimes I feel badly - nothing in her life is a big deal or a crisis.  She is the epitome of that irritating song from the Lego movie, "Everything is awesome!"  For Ayvri, everything we do, everywhere we go, is an adventure and she enjoys every single journey.  
Ayvri is always smiling and happy.  She has this funny little quirk when she does something naughty or tells a lie (it's rare, but it happens) and I catch her in it, she can't keep a straight face.  Even when she's getting in trouble, she's smiling.  
It's fitting that she's blonde because like her mother, she has moments where she says things without thinking and then we all laugh at how rediculous they sounded.  She never has hurt feelings about this and is always the first one to laugh.  

Blondeness aside, she is incredibly smart and has an attention to detail that I really admire.  She is thorough and meticulous and likes to take her time and do her very best job in all her school work.  This includes mealtime where she generally takes twice as long as the other kids to really enjoy her food.  Ayvri is rarely in a hurry unless we're running or hiking and then don't even try to keep up - she leaves us all in the dust every time.  She shares my love of hiking and whenever I want to take a hike she's ready to go with me.

Ayvri loves to be comfortable and pretty, girly and creative.  She loves to sing and has a very high vocal range.  Sometimes we call her Snow White because she likes to sing every song at least one octave (sometimes 2) higher than it's written.  She is such a pleasant person and a great helper to everyone at home.  

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