The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Chubby Mancub

This little guy is not really a baby anymore, he's now entered the realm of uber-chubby toddler-man.  His expressions still crack me up and his hair is so weird (I need the hairdressing Aunt!)

He is a huge tease and loves to laugh.

He also has our family's genetic predisposition to food-loving.  He finished this whole piece after having eaten a hotdog and two other pieces of watermelon.  His stomach felt like a very tight bouncy ball for a while but he didn't get sick (I may have been a little surprised).  

He loves his toddler bed because it affords him so much FREEDOM.  I love it because when he falls off I know he shouldn't really hurt himself.  

This means he sleeps on the floor or in Brigham's bed a lot, which is fine by me.  

I try to cut his hair but it grows really fast and I don't know how.  To be honest, I don't remember cutting the other boy's hair but his just looks funny now and then.  

This is a picture I found on my phone courtesy of Noah.  Yes, my 1 year old knows how to take selfies.  Notice where we are?  That's right - we are in church.  See Dad's white shirt?  And there's my double chin neck and shoulder.  I didn't know he took this during sacrament meeting until much later when he started a playback of a video.  

Mr. Big stuff stealing someone's chair - deliberately, at a neighbor's barbeque.  Apparently "cleaning out the freezer" is a thing in Alaska.  Before a big fishing trip people will throw a large party and cook everything in their freezer.  It's good luck and means that there's room to bring home plenty.  

Sleepy boy after church.  Why didn't I have a cute tie t-shirt for the other boys?  How I love this little guy!!!

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