The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cotton Ball Adventures

In an attempt to reinforce the positive we've started a summer program called "cotton-ball adventures".  Tyler found the idea online somewhere.  Basically when the kids do something above and beyond - are especially nice or helpful or have a great attitude, they earn a cotton ball for their jar.  When their jar is full then they get to pick a date with Mom and Dad - anywhere they want.
 Leisl wanted to go out for an ice cream cone.  She was so stinking cute.  Here we are walking into McDonalds at 10 pm with a 4 year old.  The crazy things we do when it's light outside.
Brigham wanted to go bowling.  Thank you "kids bowl free" program for making it easy to say yes to this one.  He had to remind me several times that he beat both me and Dad (and then Dad reminds him he used the bumpers and we didn't).  

When did this kid get so tall?  

Ksenya's adventure was to go out for dessert.  We got ice cream at the Little Miller's and took a drive.  Kabe is still waiting for his archery adventure and both Ayvri and Darla picked a playdate with a friend.  And now we are on to round 2 of cotton ball earning.  I love that they have to nominate each other for cotton balls and can't report on themself.  Makes it a little more outward oriented than inward.  And if nothing else we are having fun adventures one-on-one.  

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