The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Friday, April 1, 2016

Epic April Fools

Oh I love this holiday!  It is seriously one of my favorites.  One year I outdid myself - and the whole family has fond memories of it.  I'm sure I blogged about it somewhere!  That was back in the "Idaho" era of my life and was a sunny spot in the middle/end of a GRAY winter.
This year I took the Foolin' to a whole new level.  My very favorite was that I fiddled with the autocorrect on Mr. Honey's phone so that every time he texted instead of getting the word, "I" he'd get "master of the universe" or something and so on.  I picked the top 10 words I figured he'd use the most throughout the day and he sent me the funniest texts ever.  
A few of my favorite: I made "your" into "your mom goes to college".  I got that one a lot.
Also I texted about 50 people and asked them to randomly send text him laffy taffy type jokes throughout the day - they were really funny.
"All these people I absolutely shall not think you have the mental capacity of a rock are texting me.  Did you no good low down dirty sun of a gun photoshop my own, my precious face onto Nicholas Cage?  That comes later - his texts were so funny!  I also changed his contacts to be superheroes.  He had the Hulk, Captain America, Ironman and so on calling and texting him (this works better if you change people he'll probably talk to that day, but if not then his surprises will last and last)

For the kids I made special after school snacks - including broccoli suckers.  They loved me.

I also put googley eyes on all the food in the fridge - this one was so much fun for the little tinies.  Leisl kept opening the fridge to smile at the food.

I may have taped Nicholas Cage to a lot of random surfaces in our house.  I'm not sure why this made me laugh so much, but it did.

He was literally - everywhere.

He was also inside the dishwasher and washing machine and behind a few bedroom doors - and all over Tyler's office (I  had inside help there).

I pulled this prank on Daddy at the office and Kabe jumped on board and pulled it on me at home.  The little dear.  

I also filled the vents on Tyler's car with star confetti.  It lasted for months - what a fun surprise when he got in and turned on the car and "aaaah" - stars.  I loved that moment.

I also put his car up for sale.  He got calls all day.

One of the better pranks was to put balloons and tacks behind the doors so when anyone opened a door or a closet it would pop and scare them to death.

I also popped in on the kids at school and pretended that they were in big trouble - pulled them out of class and then gave them a big hug and kiss and told them "you left without a hug this morning!"

I printed dollar bills and stuck them in corners of books and things so they'd get excited when they "found" a dollar and then they'd grab it and on the back I had written "April Fool's".  

There were so many great moments.  For breakfast I told them that I didn't make it to the grocery store so we'd have to have dog food for breakfast.  I had already hidden a bag of cocoa puffs in the dog food crate so when I went out into the garage and started scooping bowls it was very believable.  I had also colored the bowls beforehand so everyone's milk ended up a different color.

We had our traditional "silly" dinner where we pass the plate and then for dessert we had brownies (a pan of e's written in chocolate syrup).  Then we had real dessert - poop. (also known as chocolate barfies).  
It was a great day and I'm already planning for next year, although I might have to take a year off just to throw them off my scent.

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