The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Seven Years of Sunshine

Sweet Ayvri Belle - I remember that first day I met you.  You were so perfect and pink and soft and I smiled as I held you and cuddled you and talked to you for hours that day.
I remember a year later - you were so smart, and silly and sweet and you loved to read and I smiled as I held you and read to you and you told me stories in words only I understood.

 I remember a year after that, you were wiggly and giggly and a big huge tease and I smiled as I sat with you and we painted your nails and you jabbered.
 I remember our next year together - you decided you didn't always agree with me, but you still made me smile as you pushed to make your own decisions and showed me that you could do big girl things.
I remember the next year, all girl and pink and purple and frills and the big sister who took care of the babies and was my best little helper around the house and I smiled as I watched you hold your baby sister and tell her stories.
I remember how careful you became that next year, how you wanted to do everything that I did and how you wanted to so badly to learn everything you could.  I smiled as you asked a million questions and expected real answers.

I remember the next year as I put you on the bus and cried.  I remember as you came home and delighted in showing me everything you could do, but still loved playing with your baby dolls and combing their hair and I smiled as you still wanted me to hold you and tell you stories and put my hand on your face.
 Seven years later and I still smile every time I look at you, every time you laugh out loud, every time you want me to hold you.  So much joy, so much sunshine and so much love you have brought to us.  Happy Birthday baby girl - never get too big to let me hold you and tell you how amazing you are.

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