The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

When Darla Goes to Bed

When Darla Goes to Bed
 When little Darla goes to bed we seem to heave a sigh,
At last my facebook may be read and all the toys put by,
Now may we settle down and hear the things the others say
A lovely sense of calm seems near when Darla's tucked away.

When Darla's up and on her feet the home's at her command,
For one so innocent and sweet she rules with tyrant hand.
If I have something to relate of what's been done and said,
I find it always best to wait till Darla goes to bed.
Now should I sit me down to read or lie me down to rest,
She'll keep at me until I heed her latest strange request.
And have I several tasks to do by which I earn our bread
I never hope to see them through till Darla goes to bed.

Ah well, this roguish little lass too soon will older grow;
Too soon these days of joy will pass and calm be ours to know.
So let her romp and let her shout - the coming years I dread
When we shall sit alone, without a child to put to bed.

--Edward A Guest, "When Janet Goes to Bed"

1 comment:

Darla said...

Oh I love Edgar A. guest! A poet for the people! So true. I love our little Darla and all her spunk. I love you and that you take time to make posts like this that brighten my day and make my heart happy!!