Monday, March 25, 2013

Good Luck Charms

Am I the luckiest Mommy in the world or what?  (Don't worry - Brigham is fine, just really didn't want his picture taken.)  Happy St. Patricks Day!  This year I did nothing fun.  It was on Sunday and I was unprepared.  Not to mention, with Leisl's birthday the day after, I think I'm going to let St. Patty's fall by the way-side in the hopes that I'm on top for her birthday.  Still, gotta wear the green and I did get some fun pinching in.  Apparently there's this rule that only Daddy and Kabe knew about that if you wear red on "green day" you get kisses instead of pinches.  Had to laugh when I found out after Kabe had me iron his red shirt for church.  Sadly, Ksenya insisted he change and wear something green so the poor boy didn't get the kisses he'd hoped for.

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