Monday, March 25, 2013

Love Spillin' Over

Seriously - how can you NOT kiss those cheeks?  She doesn't seem to mind too much either!  Sweet sisters.  I am amazed at how well my four girls get along (for now).  I always loved my sister, but I never knew how much she loved me until I see my big girlies loving on my little girlies.
The boys don't do too bad together either.  Kabe was helping patch up Brig after a little hurt and he was so very tender.  Funny that these two wear the same clothes, but they're 4 years apart!  Kabe is great to take care of Brigham and Brig is a fun playmate for Kabe (they like to make trouble and mud pies together).
Daddy gives a lot of love too.  Darla is always asking for an adjustment and so when she jumped up on his lap he gave her one.  She was so happy she just giggled.  What a silly girl and she still has the whole house wrapped around her little finger.

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