The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Little Talk-a-lot

 I am such a big girl and can say everything under the sun.  In just the last few months I have been drinking a lot of raw milk and gaining a lot of weight.  I'm what Daddy calls a CHUNK!  I'm also quite silly and love love love to climb up on anything I can.

Here's a few of the things I say really cute:
When asked, "do you love Mommy?"  the answer is definitely "NO!"
When asked, "who do you love?"  the answer is almost always, "Daddy!" and sometimes, "YOU!"

My best buddy is "higum" (Brigham) but I also love "Senya" (Ksenya), "Keeb" (Kabe), "Away" (Ayvri), and "Eeesow" (Leisl).

Mommy thinks it's funny when I say, "Deeno Wedy" (Dinners ready) and "Shit down" (sit down).

If you do anything I don't like (or Daddy teases a little too much), I like to say, "Top!" (stop).
I give the best kissy faces on the planet with my lips way way way out in front.  I also really like it when Mommy turns on the radio in the car and I dance and boogie until she watches ("TOP!").  My favorite thing to eat is "nana's" (bananas) and "Mowk" (milk).  I am always singing the cutest nonsense songs to myself in the cutest sweetest little voice and I love to drag Leisl along with me by her feet (Mommy doesn't love this so much).  I still take a nap every day and really enjoy nursery at church.  I'm doing much better on the potty training and much prefer being naked to being dressed (and am very quick at getting all my clothes off when Mommy's not looking).

Spoiled as ever, I am the boss of our family!

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