The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Here comes Caboose

I know we ate our words when we called Darla "Caboose" but here we are again, pretty sure that this baby girl is the gate shutter.  She has decided she likes to move and is getting to be a very good crawler (though she still doesn't sit up on her own).
She has the most beautiful bright blue eyes ever and I still thinks she looks a whole lot like Brigham.  She is long long long and lean.  She doesn't really weigh anything, but her feet hang out of her carseat several inches already.

Here is a picture at the early stages of hands and knees.  Since this (only about a week ago) she has mastered picking them up and putting them down and follows us all over the house.  She will pull herself up on the bottom stair and on the girls' bed.
She is such a happy little camper most of the time and is the cutest stink-bug ever.  She gets up on her hands and feet like a baby elephant and makes the cutest sounds.  The other night we were playing hide and seek and she was hiding with me.  She kept making noises that would give away our position and then she was so excited when the other kids found us.  She is a sweet baby and very patient with all the love and attention she gets, as well as the occasional neglect she must endure.

We love you sweet baby!

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