The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Political Plea

Saw this pictures and loved it - these are people and don't they look happy?

I try to avoid political rants.

Recently I realized that I was avoiding politics a little too much - particularly where my children are concerned.  We sat down and talked about the upcoming election.  The older two only vaguely remember the last Presidential.  I think they've seen a picture of the sign we had in our front yard (in Texas).  I tried to lay out a few of the platforms as objectively as possible and diligently tried to explain it in an unbiased way.  We discussed the issues, and I told them how I felt about the fork-in-the-road we're approaching.

Honestly, I'm hopeful, but Daddy, who's done a lot more research, is feeling a little less than optimistic.  I'll just come out and say it, there are a lot of stupid people in our country.  Now before anyone gets their panties in a knot I'm NOT saying that everyone is that way, or even the majority (I hope).  But, it doesn't take a long walk down the you-tube path to see a fresh sampling of the 4th generation food stamper who thinks Obama is going to pay their mortgage, buy them a phone and fill their car with gas (songified, no less).

I digress.  The point of this post is something that my kids taught me.  We talked about the examples from the Book of Mormon when political problems eventually turned into Civil War and ended in obliteration of entire nations.  And then I asked them, "what can YOU do?"  They had a simple, poignant answer.

"Mommy, we should pray!"  and I realized . . . I haven't.

So this is simply a plea from my children and I - Please pray for our country, pray about your choice in the upcoming election, and then pray for the candidate you feel is best.  I don't have a right to tell you who to vote for, but our Heavenly Father can work miracles in our behalf if we ask.


Laurel said...

Alma 10:23! Spencer W. Kimball said, "There are many, many upright and faithful who live all the commandments and whose lives and prayers keep the world from destruction." Your children are so good!

jackson said...

thanks Toni,
couldn't have said it any better.
yes we pray every day for this country, and that people will really wake up to what is happening. i am way hopeful today about the election!
I keep putting the Romney's on the Temple rolls because i keep reading how there are those that want to assassinate him. so i pray for his safety and his family. the left doesn't give up easily. so like the Book of Mormon days isn't it!
great post!

barrettandaudrey said...

I am praying!!!!!!! :)