The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Get Real

One word: Remodel!
This project has been way more work and taken way longer than I anticipated.  

Like Way.

Next time I say, "it's just a couple of walls" slap me.  Still, it's coming.  Since I haven't been good about chronicling our adventures let me recap - we tore out several walls, tore out all the flooring, cabinets, fixtures, sink, etc. We replaced all the windows, we re-wired all the lighting, we refinished the cabinets, we fixed about a hundred squeaks in the floors, we replaced all the doors, we re-textured the entire space, we build new closets, we removed a window and framed it in (which required removing some of the exterior brick), we removed the bannister and half built a new one, we painted and installed new light fixtures . . . and today we're starting the tile!!! 
Here is Daddy on one of our favorite days - the drywall sanding!  Talk about your mess.  Kabe keeps asking why we 'broke' the house and what was wrong with it before?  They do think it's funny to have the fridge in the living room though. 
And when I say "WE" did all of this, really I mean these two.  Here's to washing your dishes in the bathroom sink and preparing and eating your food on card tables.  Someday it will be over and we'll say how wonderfully 'worth it' this project was.  

Someday :)


Little Munchkins said...

You guys are so amazing!!! I will say that remodels are such a pain but you will make it....just keep thinking I think I can I think I We sure do love you guys!!!

jackson said...

it's looking fabulous!
you are going to love it.

Way to go Dennis, Tyler and of course Toni! We know you are right in the middle of it all too!