The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Laundry Sonnet

Our recent adventure to Les Miserables (which was the most incredible show I've seen!) and my never-ending battle with laundry-for-8 combined in my head this morning.  The following should be sung in your head, or in the shower, to the tune of "Castle on a Cloud".  Please pardon if this is slightly sacrilege to anyone.

There is a laundromat on a cloud.
I like to go there in my dreams.
Washers there don't shake, rock, aren't loud.
Not in my laundromat on a cloud.

There is a place socks don't get lost.
There is a place where nothing fades.
Shrinking and staining aren't allowed.
Not in my Laundromat on a cloud.

There is no static, lint or dust,
You can get out blood, grease and rust
The rags don't sour and the towels smell clean,
and there's, never, a need for ironing!

I dream of whites that are bright white.
I dream of bath towels that smell fresh.
I dream the clothes all fold themselves,
Up in my laundromat on a cloud.


Laurel said...

Hahahaha! So true! That's a good one.

Chesney said...

I want this to and I have half the people you guys do!! also we are doing some home remolding so when you are done feel free to come here!!