The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, August 13, 2012

Peter Rabbit

Guess who's eight?  That's right, Kabe's right hand man Peter had a birthday and got to set a great example by getting baptized last week.  We were all excited to go and it was so cool to see this happy-of-all-happiest kids make sacred covenants.  
Our Daddy was honored to be the voice of the baptism and we (mostly me) loved watching him do it and reflect again upon how blessed we are to have a worthy Priesthood holder lead our family.  It is such a huge blessing that I take for granted but truly appreciate so very much.

Peter is such a great guy and we love him.  Congratulations Buddy!

On a less-than-positive side-note my three little ones were in fine form and since Daddy was otherwise engaged during the meeting I spent most of my time coming in and out until I gave up and strapped them into the car to wait it out.  Brig in particular had beastie for breakfast and decided Mommy needed a thorough lesson in patients and long-suffering.  The outcome?  Mommy sucks at long-suffering, but is really good at murmuring.  Aah - these painful lessons we learn.  I just know everyone in the room was wondering why we didn't stop after three :)

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Laurel said...

I also suck at long suffering, and FYI, I am not wondering why you didn't stop after three. I know exactly why you kept going. Same reason I considered continuing to mother at all after my fourth. She eats beastie every day... I just love you!