The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lake Day

We decided to spend our last day of freedom (before school started) at the lake.  We picked the perfect day.  It was 110 at Sand Hollow and the sun was beautiful with a nice cool breeze and the water was perfect!  We found a nice shady spot (the only shady spot) on the sandy beach and enjoyed playing and being silly all day.
Daddy and the boys decided to bury Darla which she thought was great fun until she lost her toes, at which point she was quite distressed.
There they are Mom - once Daddy uncovered her toes she was happy as a cricket to sit in the sand and trace and dig and play.  She also loved being out in the water and I was so thankful we brought a floating ring because she hate-hate-hated the life jackets, but once in her ring she didn't want to get out of the water.
We also invested ($1 each) in some noodles for the kids and they were the best idea ever.  They gave just enough freedom for the kids to be happy and just enough safety for the Mom not to worry.  
We had a lovely (gritty) picnic on the beach and headed home before we were all too fried (so we thought).  Later we realized that despite three applications of SPF 30 Mom was completely fried across her back and the tops of her legs.  The kids all got a little pink as did Daddy and Mommy also got a nice case of swimmers itch - apparently a common parasite found in the lake which is pretty miserable for up to three weeks.  Joy of all joys, but at least none of the babies got it too.

What a wonderful place we live and what a great reason to take the day off and spend some much needed and long overdue time with our hoodlums before they went back to the grind.

Also not pictured is Leisl - she enjoyed rolling around in the shade on a blanket on the beach and took a nice long nap while we were out in the water.  She got her feet wet a little but for the most part kept her fragile little self safe.

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