The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

B is for Bristlecone

Brace yourself. This post is a documentary-length account of all the behind-the-scenes decisions and comings and goings of our latest adventure. Unless you're fascinated by logo design, fabric colors, masonry and the like, you may want to avert your attention. It is reminiscent of THIS post - with many similarities and some striking differences. First, the logo. I LOVE our logo - although it was quite a process and eventually I ended up talking my way through it with one of my gifted cousins. He drew, I criticized and we came up with this. I love that it's simple - bold, and just like the tree it's supposed to be. I plaster it all over pretty much everything and I'm not sick of it yet. My Mom and I did all the flowers and she's amazing. I love that there's an elegant touch in every room. I reupholstered all the chairs and did all the window cornices with the same fabric I picked out last fall and still think it's a great choice.
This is my favorite part of the office. My desk is gorgeous! Simply beautiful, elegant, functional - perfect in every way. It was built mostly by my talented brother (with some help from Ty, my Dad and our awesome neighbor Chad). I'm so impressed.
All the artwork in the clinic is on display from local artists. These (my favorite in the clinic) are by the amazing Rob Wilson (our logo designer) and the focal painting in the our waiting room was painted by my sister Jamie Harline. The office is like an art gallery and I catch myself just walking around enjoying the art.
Tyler worked really hard to help the brick layer who built the handicap ramp. The block is beautiful and permanent and thank heavens we won't have to treat it. I love how they bricked the facade for the sign too - very professional and classy. All the vinyl for all of our signs and banners was done by my brother and his wife Seth and Mel. They are amazing and were so accommodating. If you ever want vinyl printed they are my first pick and are great with creating just what you ask for.
Here is our booth at the July Jamboree. We have been so busy with events, parades and booths and treating a growing number of patients. It's great to be "home", to be busy and to be our own boss. It's a lot of work, but that has been our work of heart lately. It's always a family venture and we appreciate SO much all the people who have put their lives on hold to help make our dreams come true. Particularly my parents who've opened their schedules and their home and made this possible.

Now, if you've made it through this post you're a truly devoted friend/fan. Allow me a shameless plug - we're trying to build our facebook page and would appreciate all the 'likes' we can get. If you know someone in Southern Utah that needs a good chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. Tyler as THE BEST there is :)

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Jan'l said...

SOOOOO proud of you guys! I knew you could do this ;) Praying for you always! I love your desk girl! That is amazing! Everything turned out beautifully! I can't wait to come in and be a patient :) Love you guys!