The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Our little Twinkers is quite the family clown. She is always making us laugh and is the silliest little person I've ever met. She said, "Mom, do you know why I'm a talk-a-lot?" I of course said I didn't. "Because I've gots so many questions!" She is constantly talking and still takes at least 30 minutes longer to eat than everyone else because she can't get a bite in edge-wise. She is also silly in the things that she says. The other day on the way to work she said, "This place has lots of hunted houses".
We watched the movie "Tangled" and she LOVED it. She has decided if she sings beautifully enough then her hair will start to glow. I caught her in the bathroom singing to herself in the mirror and when I asked her if it was glowing she said, "Nope, not yet." She dressed Brigham up as a frog the other day and then told him in no uncertain terms that she wouldn't kiss him because she wasn't THAT princess. Ha! She is always making us laugh. I told her that her Grandma Horse used to have the last name of Riding and now she calls her "Grandma Riding Horse". How we love this little princess who is still the diva of our family. Every night when I tuck her into bed she asks, "Mamma, in the morning after I brush my teeth and we eat breakfast and I comb my hair and before we go to work if we're going to work, can I have some of your pink sparkly lip gloss?" What a sweet funny girl!


The Kelly Variety said...

I love this little girl, she always has the answer. I'll admit at times she puts you in your place too, for example "Why is your car so messy, our car isn't because we clean it and so it is always nice to ride in." When she put it that way it just made so much sense!!! Duh, why isn't my car clean???

jackson said...

how cute! Gramma Riding Horse. No one but Ayvrie would ever put that together. Jim and I laughed so hard over that! What a clever little doll. Love her so much.
Gramma Riding Horse!