The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sheep or Chihuahua

Last week I decided that our sheep were ready for shearing. You didn't know we have sheep? Well we do, two of them. They look like this:
After nearly 6 months without grooming their fur was matted and completely unruly and their coats were very tender which made them very cranky about the whole hair cut experience. This means instead of grooming them properly, it was time for a little doggy spring cleaning and off all the hair came (whiskers, mustaches and eyebrows included).
"Dude, you look awful! What did she do to you?"
"I know man, but look out I think you're next!"

Unfortunately about this time our clippers, which we've had for several years without sharpening, decided they just couldn't handle Max's extensive undercoat and gave up. This means that one of our dogs look like a jackal/chihuahua/rat and the other looks like a sick freak of nature. Oh well, in a month or so they'll look like dogs again and hopefully I'll be better about keeping on top of their grooming situation.
Amazing how much of my life is spent grooming. Don't worry though - I mailed off the clipper blades to be sharpened, they've been returned and now both dogs look like Chihuahua's. Thanks to Hollywood and the ridiculously silly movie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" my kids (who've only seen the preview) like the dogs even more now that the resemble that breed and it's fun to hear Brigham say "Chowawa".

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