The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mat-su College Hike

The kids and I ventured out with some friends to hike what was supposed to be a "leisurely" trail behind the college just 5 minutes from our house.
It started out sunny and beautiful and the kids were in high spirits.

Even Noah was super excited to get back out on the trail.
I wish I could say we maintained those high spirits.  Once we headed into the trees the BUGS quickly dampened our spirits.  The mosquitoes were seriously swarming - particularly our exposed heads.  I think I may need to invest in mosquito nets.  Poor Noah couldn't keep them off and Brigham had 13 bites on his HEAD by the time we finished.  Needless to say, we will be finding a better solution to that bug problem.  

This was the pond at one point on the trail.  Even with the bugs it was breathtaking.  The picture doesn't show the huge yellow blossoms on the lily pads in the lake - I don't know what they were but I wanted to wade out and pick one.  Another 2 miles down on our 50 mile summer.

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