The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Camp Time

Ksenya was a 2nd year for Girls Camp and they take camps seriously here in Alaska!  Her camp was 5 days and boy was she excited.  

While she was gone her bed got turned into the sleep-over bed.  Ayvri didn't want to be alone and the little girls thought it was great fun to invade the "big girl" space.

Who was the most excited to see her (besides her mother of course?)  Noah!  He wouldn't let her go for nearly an hour and kept checking on her throughout the rest of the day. The feeling was mutual as she almost cried when she picked him up.  Everyone else was pretty excited to have her back too.

Kabe was a super lucky duck and got to go to the big scout camp even though he's only 11.  He had to be driven up and back each day but it was worth it for all the amazing things he got to do. Since he was home with us every night there wasn't a lot of time to miss him, but I sure did.  He's such a great young man and I can't believe he's almost 12!

I love that the church provides opportunities like this for my kids where I feel that they are safe but at the same time very stretched.  I'm also thankful for the baby stepping out of my Motherly comfort zone and hope it helps prepare me for my little chicks when the time comes for them to leave the nest.  I want them to leave - eventually, but I know it's gonna hurt too.  #momproblems.

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