The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Friday, November 20, 2015

Off We Go!

It's time to hit the road.  

We got all packed up.  Everything was carefully placed in bins and bags.  18 Bins in all, 3 musical instruments, 16 carry-ons, a baby, 3 carseats and a dog.  We had two awesome friends who offered their vehicles and Grandma and Papa Horse helped drive us all to the airport.  We got a lot of looks that day.  Thank heavens Aunt Jeri was willing to fly with me and the kids.  There were a lot of hiccups in our day, but in the end we arrived alive.  We left that morning early and arrived late and tired.  One happy Daddy met us at the airport and escorted us home.   
There was snow on the ground when we arrived and the kids were excited to get out and play in it the very next day.  We built a mammoth snow man and enjoyed attempted sledding down the hill behind the house, using the lids to our moving bins as sleds.  
Happy Thanksgiving from our new home in Alaska where we sleep in a lot because it's dark all the time.

The boys needed head lamps so they can read in their beds without bothering baby brother (and it's dark, have we mentioned it's dark?)

Here's our backyard with the snow melted a little.  The blue is blue and the mountains are huge and we're excited to get to know this new home of ours.

Mommy totally approves of Daddy's choice of family vehicle.  Thanks to him we arrived to a house and a car and Mommy didn't have to make either of those big decisions - Daddy did a great job!

We got the wii and the tv hooked up to do a little just dance together.  All of us in the same place with no distractions - best Christmas present ever!!!

Look!  This is us after that very very very long day flying - proof that we survived our journey.  Photo courtesy of the best traveling buddy ever.  Aunt Jeri really was a life saver and even stayed for a few days to help us get settled into our new home.

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Trekmissionblog said...

Been reading this blog for over an hour. Crying and laughing and missing you all at once! I love you all and am so happy you are settled and being so blessed. Wonderful!!!!