The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Random January

January was full of random, everyday family fun.  I tried to document some of it and here's what I found on my camera at the end of the month.
Ksenya decided she needed to tie up every child in our family.  Thankfully we have a lot of bandanas that work perfectly for the task.  You can't really see them, but they're all lined up, tied hand and foot (and mostly gagged).  She enjoyed this so much and surprisingly so did all of the other children.  Who knew.
 For Christmas Ayvri made Brigham a "fort in a bag".  Basically we just sewed a whole bunch of old sheets together into one huge fabric canopy.  Daddy decided to help with set-up and created a fort that filled our whole living room.  We all climbed inside and had a fun time (until Brigham made a smell that shouldn't be shared and we had to evacuate).  Fun times, coolest Daddy ever.
 We did a lot of reading.  Surprisingly we have about $22 in fines racked up at the public library, all from movies, not from books.  Mom decided we aren't checking out library movies anymore, but about 20 books a week keeps us interested and so far (fingers crossed) the little wonder doesn't destroy the library's books.
We had a fun weekend visit from some of our cousins.  Cooper, Grady and Tayton all came for a fun filled playdate.  It's so fun to have pairs with their cousins, each of them have a cousin in this family that is really close (within months, weeks and for a couple of them, days) to their own birthday.  What good sweet boys!  We even went to church with them and they were little angels.
My boys decided to create an alternative bedtime wardrobe.  I'm always amazed when they can take simple instructions like, "Go get your pj's on" and complete the task so very differently than I anticipate.  They think they are pretty funny too.  Good thing that underwear on their heads is clean!
For Daddy minute Ayvri taught Daddy one of her new favorite things.  He is such a good sport and turns out "Daddy's even better at that than you are Mommy".  Figures that this little blondie has her Daddy wrapped around her finger.  What a sweet girl.
And finally, this is what it looks like when we brush our teeth.  Yes, all 6 of the kids share this teeny tiny bathroom and have learned to get creative about getting things done.  Usually there's one standing on the sink, but in this case can you count all six heads?  I'm standing in the shower, since I know you were wondering.  This is the epitome of family togetherness.

And that, dear friends is our January in a nutshell.  Oh - and pinewood derby, but I don't have pictures of that since my sweet sister hasn't sent them to me yet and I was that awesome Mom who forgot to bring her camera.

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Sarah Ball said...

So sweet! I love the pic of all the littles in the tub!