The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Time for Discovery!

The one place we really wanted to go while we were in Anaheim was . . . . NOT Disneyland :)  Nope, the kids and I talked it over and they decided that we wanted to go to the Discovery Science Center.  We were there when they opened and were the first ones through the door.
There were so many fun things to do with all the different ages.  Darla and Leisl enjoyed making felt faces on big felt pumpkins.  I loved this place because at every single center there was something to do and then on the wall there was a list of questions to make it even more fun and educational.  For example, can you make the face look angry?  Happy?  scared?  It was fun for every kid, and each took it a different direction.
 Leisl mostly loved putting the shapes on and taking them off.
Ksenya liked the lego wall. 
 I think she was fascinated by building on a vertical surface instead of a traditional tabletop.
Kabe was sure this was the Basilisk from Harry Potter.  Really it was a giant Anaconda model.  
 Leisl was really distressed when all the kids marched into the snakes mouth.
So I let her go with them.  She thought was awesome she could stand up inside of it.
Kabe wanted to be a space-man.
So naturally so did Brigham.
This was a cool black room and when you walked in it had a lighted silhouette of the group on the display.  We danced and marveled at our funny shaped figures on the screen.  This was seriously fun.
See?  Here they are - finally loosening up and getting their groove on.
This one made me laugh - none of the kids would put their hand in her mouth for the longest time.
Optical illusions were explored.  The gift of sound was appreciated.  So many science concepts!
Everything was interactive and the kids got to touch a lot!  They also made these fun places intended for dorky mom's like me to take group shots with their herd (although we were honestly the only herd I saw in California).  Here's a Bumblebee statue made entirely of used auto parts.
And here is the jawbone of the Megaladon.  They look scared don't they?
The climbing wall was fun for everyone who would try - Darla was having none of that!  She really enjoyed pushing all the buttons that she could.

 Ksenya discovered the wonders of a wind tunnel.
They had a large pin wall - the kids liked to get across from each other and try to push their hands back and forth.

 Probably our favorite part of the center was the Dinosaur habitat.  They had these cool magic wand transmitters that you linked up with a computer and it assigned you to a scavenger hunt.  Once you found everything on your list you linked up with the computer again and you earned a fossil.
Kabe was impressed by the large model of Dino poop (yes, he is standing under the tail of a giant Brontosaurus).  

I loved that I didn't have to worry when they wanted to climb on something!
Up in the "cube" they had a giant rocket model.  You stood under it and watched the projected flames as the thing ignited.  It was seriously fun counting down from 10 to blast-off!

 And then the thing filled with smoke and it was magical.
The boys got to be hockey players.
So of course, Darla wanted to try on the pads too.
There were experiments with weights and levers.
And we even got to try and build a temple.  We didn't leave until they were closing the doors.  What a fun place!  Can't wait to find more Discovery Science centers in other locations.

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