The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Sunday, October 13, 2013

I love to see the Temple!

We were excited to be so close to the Newport Beach Temple and decided we would stop by and see it.  It was amazing that in the business of the city with all the traffic and craziness there was still such peace and Spirit at the temple.  We were able to walk around and each of the kids was able to "touch the temple" like President Monson said we should.
It is a beautiful mission style temple, made with lovely pinkish stone.  This surprised the kids since they just assumed that every temple is white.
 The grounds were lovely - lots of photo spots for brides and the water features made the city noise just blend away.  I think the flowers at the temple were even more beautiful than the ones we saw at the arboretum.
It was so quiet - we were there on a weekday morning, relatively early, but it certainly wasn't busy.  How I wished that we could have visited and that Tyler and I could have entered that sweet place.  

 This is Leisl's weird smile.  The other kids laugh when she does it and so she does it quite often lately.
 I asked each of them why they love the temple - or what they love about the temple.  Their answers were sweet and I wish I had recorded them earlier because now I can't remember what they said!

Don't worry - the sun was really bright - but they were happy to be there :)  What a wonderful blessing to be able to find a temple almost everywhere we go! 

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