The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday, Darla Dear.

In a normal household, terrible two's are the Mommy's nemesis.  In ours - it's the Monster Three's.  Guess who turned Monster Three this week?  That's right - our Darlin' Darla Diva.
She was spoiled rotten and got her favorite thing from both Grandma's - coloring supplies and books!  She loves to "read" these days and is very into coloring and all things "kid".  As she puts it she is no longer "Big and Two" now she's "big and three, and a kid, not a baby".  
For her birthday all she wanted was to go to Aunt Dearie's (Jeri's) and get her nails done (fingers and toes) with the magic blue light.  Yes, my 3-year-old got Shellac for her birthday and was so cute while they were doing it.  We decided it would be fitting (and gluten-free) to put finger nail polish on her cake as well.  These are just marshmallows rolled in colored sugar with a tootsie roll in the top, she LOVED making them and all the kids enjoyed helping her eat them.  I even found my frosting tips so her name is written cute too.
Now about the Monster Three's.  In the two days leading up to her birthday she and her partner in crime (Brig) did the following:
*  Filled the heat vents with water (as in, 3 inches of standing water)
*  Poured water in each of the kids' beds (freshly made and laundered beds)
*  Filled the baby's pack and play with water
*  Sprinkled pencil shavings all over the living room (carpets, couches)
*  Gave Leisl "makeup" with sharpee markers
*  Watered the dog
*  Made soup in the toilet
*  Picked tomatoes from the garden for outdoor soup
*  Took all the play kitchen toys out on the porch and filled them with rocks and sand
*  Fed Scentsy wax to Leisl
*  Put scentsy wax in each of the boy's dresser drawers
*  Used scissors and tape to "fix" the boys blinds

Needless to say, I don't trust her one bit for 5 minutes alone.  With all that though - the little wonder has gone 2 days without peeing in her pants (a real miracle) which redeems her from a lot of the mischief she has been making (laundry counts for a lot in our house).  Love love love that big and three girl.

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