The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, August 19, 2013

DiBrienza 2013

It's that time again - time for family pictures, every Daddy's favorite thing!  Time for the Mom's to go into a frenzy over what to wear and the little girls to try to act like little girls while the little boys go bananas running around getting attention.  This time it's Uncle Andy & Aunt Aimee who get "shot".
They were such good sports - I wanted to shoot at the farm and had some fun ideas and they happily agreed to let me try out the new location.
Turns out this lady is even more beautiful with white hair!  Love love love her.
Awe - these two are so good at looking natural.  And they humor me and laugh at my funny faces.
He's got some good faces of his own though and I figured this is a look that has happened before and will happen again.  See how she doesn't seem phased?  Love it.
Trouble - with a capital T.
Sweet girl climbed all over the stalls within the first few minutes and still looked lovely in almost every shot.
 I think these two like each other (sh! don't tell anyone).  And I think they're even cuter now than they were the first time I took their pictures 12 years ago?  Has it been that long?
 I just love the natural look on this pretty girl - she was so comfortable and posed pretty effortlessly.
See?  I told you there was some fire and spunk here - couldn't help but sharing my favorite shot of the whole shoot.
The skies were amazing!  There was even lightning behind them in a few shots and the sky blue pink was beautiful.  I liked this perspective from below - something I haven't tried before.
"Aunt Toni is SOOO funny!"

Now - don't you want family pictures taken?  Even a little bit?  If it's been a while DO IT!  Pictures are priceless and you can't get these days back.  Speaking of - better go start finding color-coordinating outfits :)  My family is next.

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Darla said...

Love the pictures and the family! Grandma Lou is gorgeous! I love, love, love the hair.