The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to School Blues

It happens every year.  It's like Christmas, you know it's coming but then the week before the panic attack happens.


Here it comes, Summer's over and they have to get scrubbed up and dust the fun off and catch the big yellow bus to the place where fun goes to die.

Not that school isn't fun - because it IS.  See, the kids LOVE school - they're super excited for it.  No matter how much I talk about them not going back, they're determined.
Ksenya - 5th grade, Kabe 3rd grade, Ayvri 1st grade.

I guess that's good.  For them.  But then there's me - the silly crazy Mom who cries for a week before school starts (even during the food prayer) and then sucks it up and drives them to the bus stop and takes a picture while they get on and smiles and waves and then bursts into ugly cry sobs in the car and drives around the block four times so she can stop heaving before she gets home to her husband who thinks she's a lunatic this time of year and likes to remind her that "we want them to be independent" and "this is all part of growing up" and "this is good for you".  

So there they go again - off to learn and grow and change.  Now I'm going home to hug my babies and tell them to stop growing because staying home with Mom is WAY more fun than school (right).

And ps - remind me to tell that big girly of mine that she doesn't have to take EVERYTHING to school with her - I think her backpack is bigger than she is.  Of course I didn't notice that the first day of school . . . I had something in my eye.

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