The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Big Cheese

Check out the cheese on this growing boy!  Those dimples are truly my kryptonite.  Brig has been doing school with Aunt Aimee and is finally learning his letters!  What a lazy Mommy I've been.  He is excited about letters and reading and writing and I hope that it's not too hard on him when everyone goes back to school and he has to stay home with Mom for one more year.  I'm glad though - they are all growing too too fast.  Brig is a tall kid, even though he's just getting ready to turn 5 he's already wearing a size 6 and shares a lot of clothes with his big brother. 
Brigham loves to play with the cat and is not very gentle.  That's not true - most of the time he is very gentle, but then the demon inside gives him a 'great' idea and he tries things he shouldn't, like putting the cat in his water bottle as a boat or letting the cat jump on the trampoline.  Brigham is a curious little person too and is always coming up with signature "BOY" maneuvers that get him into trouble.  This morning after he was all ready for church he marched outside to "get in the car" and ended up playing in the mud by the swingset.  Needless to say when Daddy came out to add the little girls to the car Big Brig was in Big trouble!

Still, he is one sweet guy.  He tries so hard to behave, but gets bored all the time and is not a big fan of work.  I have to try really hard to keep every task I give him short and sweet.  He can work hard as long as it comes in tiny increments.  If I give him a job he thinks is too big, he just sits down and getting him to move again is like rolling a boulder uphill.

Brigham loves to PLAY but doesn't particularly like to sweat.  He loves, loves LOVES dirt, mud, animals rocks and all things boy.  If I spent the time he is ready to ride his bike without training wheels and he loves to tease his sisters.  He thinks Kabe is the greatest and Daddy is even better than that - but Mommy is his cuddle buddy.  He loves to wrestle.  He still says "Rooly" instead of "Really" and still likes to wear his clothes (particularly his pants) backwards.  Please let him stay little a while longer!  How I love my baby boy.

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