Monday, March 25, 2013

Someday you'll be a Daddy

Dear Kabe,
     Someday when you're a man I hope you will treasure this picture.  I hope you will remember that though Daddy and I are hard on you, we are only that way because we know just how amazingly capable you are.   Did you know that we talk about you at night after you're in bed?  While you are reading (which you always are), we sit on the couch and marvel at how smart and kind and creative you are.  We laugh at the ramps you're building in the back yard to race your pine wood derby car on.  We are amazed at the sheer volume of reading you do and the way you can recall tiny details from each story.  We share the random facts that you've shared with us through the day.  Something about centrifugal force or the temperature on mars or a silly laffy taffy joke you heard and remembered.
   We agree that we're so proud of you for what a great helper you are when we're working and how diligently you are trying to be tough and not cry like a little girl when you get hurt.  We comment about how careful you are to be clean and true and reverent and "do your best" and we pray together that you'll always strive for these things.
   Someday Kabe you'll have a girlfriend, a job, a car, a group of friends, and maybe even an attitude about what kind of parents you got.  When that day comes I hope you'll remember that we are doing our best for our amazing boy and forgive us for our mistakes. You see, we love you more than you'll know until you have your own little boy.  I imagine you'll be a lot like your Daddy and you might just be a little hard on your first-born son.  On that day, when you're measuring to make sure your tie fits him just right, you'll understand how amazing you are in our eyes.

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