The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Personal Revelation

Recently I had an ah-ha moment.  Let's call it a Personal Revelation since that's what it was.  I attended a class in which the teacher (my beautiful Mother) asked us to say these words out loud, "are you there?"  Now I say those words in my head on a regular basis, but very rarely voice them.  Immediately after speaking those words I felt a rush of the spirit.  A simple but definitive testimony in my heart that He (meaning my Heavenly Father) really IS there.  Shortly thereafter we attended the temple.  I found myself giving voice to the same message, the same question, the same expression.  For the first time I recognized it and the same feelings of confirmation filled me up.  He is real.  He is there.  Not just in an over-arching deity sort of way, but in a very real, very personal, very specific way.  And He hears my voice and responds each and every time.  That scripture, "those who ask in faith, believing that they shall receive, the same shall be given them."  I do a lot of asking.  I know He's there and in my mind that is faith, but I rarely believe that I'll receive.  Usually this lack of faith is due to my own unworthiness.  I don't think I've earned the blessings I'm seeking.  But no-where in the scripture does it qualify our worthiness.

How have I attended the temple for 12 years and not heard that before?  Line upon line.  How I love the temple!

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