The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, March 11, 2013

My Boys - Couldn't live without you!

You're just a little fellow with a lot of funny ways,
Just three-foot-six of mischief set with eyes that fairly blaze;
You're always up to something with those busy hands of yours,
and you leave a trail of ruin on the walls and on the doors,
And I wonder, as I watch you, and your curious tricks I see,
whatever is the reason that you mean so much to me?

You're just a chubby rascal with a grin upon your face,
just seven years of gladness, and a hard and trying case;
You think the world's your playground, and in all you say and do
you fancy everybody ought to bow and scrape to you;
Dull care's a thing you laugh at just as though 'twill never be,
so I wonder, little fellow, why you mean so much to me?

Now your face is smeared with candy or perhaps it's only dirt,
And it's really most alarming how you tear your little shirt;
But I have to smile upon you, and with all your willful ways,
I'm certain that i need you 'round about me all my days;
Yes, I've got to have you with me for somehow it's come to be
That I couldn't live without you, for you're all the world to me.

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