The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, March 11, 2013

Lovely Leaps & Bounds

Little Leisl is growing so very fast.  She's decided she's a mover and a shaker now and crawls at the speed of light wherever she wants.  She's started standing up with help as well and enjoys being in the middle of everything and constantly under foot.
She's also developed an affinity for her tongue.  She loves to have it sticking out or popping in and out like a little lizard.  She can usually get all of us to mimic her as well and thinks that is pretty funny.
She is still very long for her age and absolutely bean-pole scrawny around the middle.  I really am feeding her (a lot) but she is built very petite and even her face since she's started crawling has gotten thinner.  She still has a lot of duck fluff on her head, not much hair and it's getting lighter which makes me think she'll be a blondie like Ayvri and Brigham.  Her face looks more like Brig than any of the other kids but she has her own little impishness about her.

It's so nice to have a baby in the house and I don't know how I'll feel when this little wonder starts walking and leaves babyhood in the dust.  *sniff sniff*.

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