The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, November 26, 2012

Out of space.

I logged on this morning to post a dozen really wonderful photos I've taken of the kids this last month.  Some of them are boastful (Kabe's writing), silly (the kids sumo wrestling at FHE), beautiful (Leisl's latest smile and crawl) and down-right laughable (Darla trying to pout).  Sadly, I can't share them because I'm out of space.  Not sure what to do about this.  I could just bite the bullet and pay the $2.50 a month to upgrade my storage (ruining the blissful 'free-ness' of my blog).  I could start another blog to chronicle the next 5 years of our family (leaving us with about 30 blogs by the time I die - and who can keep track of that?).  I could find some time to print what I have into a book for myself and then delete it from existence online (meaning only I could access and enjoy it and there wouldn't be a way to print more books when the kids are old enough to care - creating a whole heck of a lot more work for me).  

So . . . until I figure out this little dilemma I'm going to whine and hope that Google hears about it - after all, couldn't they just give me a few more GB of space?  What would it possibly hurt?  After all, I'm making the internet a better place right?  Plus I'll be the first to admit that this 'space' seems a bit ambiguous - after all, where does this GB exist?  On someone's hard drive somewhere?  Is Google going to run out of 'space'?  Can someone please explain to me how they are letting us all have free blogs anyway?  How does one create "space" on the internet?  Clearly, I need to be educated on this matter. 

Maybe I'll Google it :)

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carly said...

Mine is out of space, too! Stupid Google. Like they need the money we'd have to pay to put more pics on our blogs. Meh.