The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Harry Potter Halloween

The theme for this year's Halloween was chosen by Kabe - Harry Potter of course.  The cast of characters goes as follows:
"I'm Hermione Granger . . . . and . . . you are?"  Complete with her big big book and frizzy hair.

 The young Severus Snape was quite severe :)
Darla got to be Dobby.  By the time Halloween came around she was quite fond of wearing her ears and she was a little irritated with me when I dirtied up her pillowcase dress.
Dobby is a free elf :) 
Bellatrix Lestrange.  After last year's "additions" to Ayvri's costume I figured we'd better not dissapoint this year so she was quite buxom.  She loved her black hair, long fingernails and all the lacing on her dress.  We were quite accurate on this one to make the dress look very close to the pictures we found online and she of course loved the dark red lipstick.

This one was probably my favorite.  When I suggested that Ksenya be Dolores Umbridge she wasn't a huge fan of the idea.  After a little bit of bribing she got excited about it and by the time Halloween came along she was hunting everything pink she could find to complete the ensemble.  I crocheted her shawl looking at pictures of my favorite Umbridge outfit and I thought the broach was the perfect touch.

Of course Kabe had his character picked out ages ago. He's been practicing his spells and even collected pictures of the different character's wands to give to Uncle Heath.  He is our local expert on Potterisms and keeps us as authentic as possible.

 Brigham took a little convincing to be Mad-Eye Moody as well but as soon as he realized he got to wear this cool eye he took the part seriously.  I think he had to watch #4 six or seven times to really embrace the part but he got the tongue thing down (see above) and the facial expressions and limp are still a work in progress.  We also had to give him a big belly which he thought was super cool. (notice the silver foot? Kabe reminded us that he has a metal foot).

Gideon got to be Ron Weasley - and he has dirt on his nose, and a broken wand.  

 Dumbledore was by far the most patient of our little spooks.  He kept this full get-up on all night long and was so careful I don't think he even moved his face.  I think the robe and hat turned out pretty cool but it was definitely the beard and glasses that made this one.  And notice - he's carrying the Elder wand!

Hagrid wasn't happy until he found out he could have a brown wig instead of black and he could have the biggest belly of them all.  We ended up stuffing him front and back and my favorite part of his costume was his tiny pink umbrella.  

Luna Lovegood could pass as a movie double - her hair was perfect and she flew around in a kind of daze all night long, carrying her quibbler magazine upside down.  What a darling Kodi Jo. 

 This one was definitely the hardest for me to wrap my brain around.  As soon as we chose the theme I knew I wanted Leisl to be the golden snitch - but how?  Aunt Jeri came up with this pillow insert idea and it was perfect.  She was a giant ball of fluff and sparkly and the wings are perfectly dainty.  She was a little hard to hold but she thought it was great fun and was very patient as we pulled her in and out and in and out of this pillow costume.

 Here's the whole crazy herd on Halloween itself.  I can't believe how warm it was - best weather I've ever had trick-or-treating.  We hit a bunch of houses of our favorite people and then made a pact that next year we'll only stop at the houses of people we don't know just to shake things up.
 Daddy went for Seneca Crane (the gamemaker from Hunger Games) this year.  Although I ran out of time and didn't make his actual costume, we still did the beard and he treated patients like this all day.  They were good sports about it and I thought it was too funny!
 Before we ever left the house Darla (who missed her nap) tanked out.  Kabe thought this would be the perfect photo opportunity to re-enact Dobby's final scene in the movie.
He couldn't keep a straight face as he held her and said, "Dobby's dead!"  It was very dramatic and very funny!

Overall - Happy Halloween.  I don't know why I love the costume part so very much but I do.  This year Jeri and I decided we'd store them carefully and try to sell the costumes next halloween to pay for the supplies to make new ones.


Eliza said...

These costumes are unbelievable! You are incredibly talented. Shayne was supposed to be Bellatrix this year, but it didn't work out because her dress accidentally got put in the back of the moving truck (we were moving Nov. 1st) so we had to scramble and do something else. Maybe next year!

Jami said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I am laughing so hard right now. You guys are BRILLIANT and I love that you have enough kiddos combined to make a whole herd of Harry Potter characters! Yes, you can definitely sell those costumes. :) Thanks for sharing!

Amber McKenna said...

Rachel and I have been cracking up about that pic of Leisl in the group photo--she's just sitting there like a chub stuffed into a pillow--a little piggy in a pillow. Hahahahaha--these outfits are so dang cute Toni and Jeri...brilliant :)