The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kabe's Baptism Day

Kabe has worked so hard to prepare for his baptism day!  He has memorized and discussed all of the articles of faith, studied his scriptures and set a goal to be a good listener at church.  He also met with Bishop Albrecht and had several PPI's with Dad and Mom.  He was very very excited for this day!
Here are the handsome men getting ready for the ordinance.  There's nothing as handsome as the Daddy in white!  Kabe was a perfect dunk, straight in - hold for a few seconds and straight out.  He was all smiles and I wish I had a picture of his little brother and sisters pressing their face up against the glass to watch his great example.  
I told Daddy the most important picture would be the one right after he came out of the font.  I must have drilled him three or four times to NOT forget to take a close-up of my baby boy's face the minute he hit the waiting room, before he even got a towel.  And here he is.  I just love the look on their faces - pure joy!

Our family in true form.  After I corral them for a picture there's no way that all 8 of us will have a smile on.  I loved Leisl's face here though, she already knows what Mommy wants when I stick that black thing in her face.

This one is better.  Amazing actually, that all our eyes are on the camera and no one is screaming.  I'll take it, along with another shameless declaration that I married the handsomest man on earth.  Mn, mn, good!

Another really neat thing about Kabe's baptism was that it was the Stake baptism.  There were at least 4 other kids baptized that day.  When the Primary boss called to make sure she had his name right she asked if we'd like to participate in the program.  I told her we would do whatever she needed from music to prayers to talks to nothing and she called later to ask if we'd provide a talk on the Holy Ghost. I said of course we would.  I asked Kabe who he would like to speak and he didn't hesitate a minute before he said, "Ksenya!'.  I was half sure that she would say no.  After all, this was a Stake baptism - lots of people she wouldn't know.  But she said yes.

I think these two would do just about anything for each other.  Ksenya was nervous but she did a fantastic job!  I was so proud of BOTH of my brown babies for making such good choices and for loving each other so much!  I am thankful that they have a knowledge of their Heavenly Father and that even though I'm not always a great Mama, I know that they have had the opportunity to feel the Spirit in our home.

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