The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Adventure is Out There!

We decided (we being Papa) that it was time for a family adventure so on the 24th of July we headed to Parowan Canyon to enjoy a little scenic wonderment.
Grandpa introduced us to the excitement of geocaching for the first time.  We couldn't find this particular cache, but we searched and enjoyed the anticipation part of the adventure.
Daddy got to play horse to Darlin' who loved her ride and was a good sport about not being able to see anything in front of her (such a little hobbit she rides a little low in the pack).

Mama got to play horse to the long-legged-Leisl who is a lot heavier than she looks. 

It was a really beautiful hike and I love that we got to go over a few falls.  Again, toe-shoes are a must because getting my feet wet was no big deal.
Here are a couple cute hikers I found along my way.  Every adventure is more fun with these two around (their herd isn't bad either).
A couple of boys trying to look innocent.
A couple more kids, failing to look innocent.
Here's me and mini-me.  So many people tell her she looks just like her mother - I wonder if she'll always know it's meant as a compliment?  Though we may be a lot alike in physical features, we're very different in a lot of other ways.  She sure is a life saver and I don't know what I'd do without this one.
Here's the pack that got to come - looking at this photo makes it seem a little ridiculous but at least none of us should ever be lonely right?
These two have been a pack of trouble - particularly in primary lately, but they are so stinking cute and fun to watch as they encourage each other to eat dirt, throw rocks and just be BOYS.
Kabe thinks he's old enough for a pocket knife and here he is trying to convince his mother.  I'm still in denial that we're coming up on eight years old and my tiny baby boy is turning into such a little man.
Darla in the throes of potty training on a hike - turned out to be a great time to teach the girl to pee in the woods and she got so good at it (and not emotional phased at all) that I caught her squatting down to let nature take it's course all on her own.  Don't worry -- we washed the shoes when we got home.
And the happiest hiker of all sporting her adorable bandana - seriously.  best. baby. ever.  What a fun family outing.  Just goes to show that Adventure is Out There!  (if you can say that line without remembering the movie you haven't seen it enough).

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Darla said...

How I love this herd! Looks like it was a great adventure. Thanks for taking us along! Love your gutz!