The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What's a Biome?

For their Spring Festival - Kabe and Ksenya helped build biomes for their presentations.  It was impressive.  I so completely love their school, their teachers, and my wonderfully smart kids.
Kabe's was the rainforest.  He built this cool diorama complete with pop-up butterflies and frogs and cool trees and a great report about the animals and plants and climate in the rainforest.  

Ksenya helped to paint this bamboo forest.  She was also chosen as the scribe for the poster as her group determined that she had the best handwriting (she LOVES handwriting).  She was a little shy but once she got talking about her project she couldn't stop.  She was very excited about all the research and how she got to be a part of several different group's work.
Big Sister's teacher, Mrs. Waldman is amazing.  She is so great and I completely want her to level up with Ksenya and be her teacher forever.  (Brigham wouldn't leave Ksenya's side and was a little intimidated by the crowds of people).  Mrs. W has given the girly all the encouragement and attention that she needs, challenged her when she needed it and helped her remember she's still a little girl.

Kabe's teacher Mrs. Kendall is also phenomenal.  She has really given him all he needed this year - helped him to step up and appreciated his 'humorous' side.  He can be a bit of a class clown and she really steers him in the right direction.  She also notices when he's brilliant (which he is) and tries to make sure he does his very best even when he's trying to sneak around the work he doesn't want.

Our family enjoyed the festival a lot and I was really impressed with all of the different classes work.  I'm so thankful that we have GPA here and that my kids can get an 'alternative' educational experience.

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