The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Roller-Coaster Ride

In May of 1998 Tyler and I went on our first date.  He picked me up at home, we drove his super cool periwinkle pontiac hatchback which I had named Sparky, into town and headed first to this quirky little carnival they'd set up.  He convinced me to ride "The Zipper" wherein I screamed like a baby and he laughed as I dug my fingernails into his arm.

It was a little bit windy and I ended up wearing his brown leather jacket.  It smelled really good.  (Someday I'll record the story of the leather jacket and the lengths I went to in order to keep it in our family - only to give it away in a mature cleansing moment).

Then we went to the Zooka Juice for a Strawberry Banana smoothie which we "shared" (he learned that night that I'm really good at sharing, unless he wanted some).  Then we went to the movies in Fiddlers and saw "Quest for Camelot".  Back then going to the movies wasn't about watching the movie.

He didn't kiss me goodnight.  But he wanted to.  To commemorate our 10th anniversary we decided to stop by that very same carnival.  It had the very same rides.  After seeing the condition of said rides and the condition of staff on hand at said carnival, our "mature" instincts determined we would not be riding any rides.  We have six children, and a lot to live for.

Still, it was fun to walk down memory lane and remember that first date.  Sidenote- Tyler was bribed to ask me out that first time.  Thanks to our Sunday School teacher we've had a glorious ten years together and plan for at least 50 more together.

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