The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Thursday, May 3, 2012


We've witnessed a lot of farming adventures over at the Oveson's house lately.  The greatest?  The birth of Daisy's baby - Hamburger.  Yes, I'm totally blogging about someone else's adventure, mostly because they let us come and watch.  We all lined up against the fence and whispered as Mama cow licked and pushed baby cow around for a couple hours.  So. Freakin. Cool.  Seriously - everyone should live on a farm.  I'm happy to have their farm down the street for now.  Yes, my sister took this awesome picture and I stole it right off her blog :)

Our other cow adventure happened when a cow went down at the dairy and my husband and brother went and got said cow, strapped it with tie-downs to the trailer (a little white trash) and left it in the driveway overnight until they could deliver it to the butcher.  So funny.  Then my crazy brother brought Bessie's hide home and is learning how to tan leather (with lots of icky chemicals also used to make Meth).  What amazing things we're learning in rural America!

Oh - and Dude's fine.  I knew you were worried.

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