The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Love Some-Bunny

Easter was ablaze with egg hunts this year and being totally lame and not having our own house, I didn't do any of my previously creative and special things for Easter.  Next year right?
Darla was too little for any of this last year so she hadn't quite figured it out.  She enjoyed finding the eggs but was very selective about which ones she would keep - I don't know if it was color, or the sound it made when shaking but she threw several back without even looking inside.
Ayvri was a quickie and hopped around just like the Easter bunny.  Here she is in her traditional "I'm cold" look and her jacket half on.  Doesn't matter how cold it is, or how cold she thinks it is, the jacket never makes it over her shoulders.  Silly girl.

The scouts were awesome to host our ward egg hunt and the kids loved it.  I loved this picture because I put it on multi-pic and I caught the entire progression of Brigham's sneeze.  Check out his wind-up . . . so funny!
Here's Big - this year he actually gathered without opening every egg and eating it as he went.  
Kabe was a contender - gathering as quickly as he possibly could.  We tried to encourage him to share and not monopolize all the goodie gathering.  

Ksenya was SO fast this year I could hardly get a picture of her. She came, she gathered, she pigged out and traded and bartered, it was joyous.  She is beautiful and wonderful and responsible and has no trouble sharing, but does have another disgraceful trait passed on by her mother . . . she's a hoarder.  I found her stash in her pillowcase where she was holing up chocolate to eat after her sisters were asleep at night.  How did I know?  Couldn't have been the melted chocolate ALL OVER her pillow.  Moms, they have super powers.

Happy Easter Everybody - next year I intend to attend church and enjoy the music and spirit of the holiday, do something fantastically creative to teach my kids the true meaning of the holiday and bring us all closer to our Savior.  (in the meantime I'm going to be praying we're in our own house and I feel more like being super-mommy).

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