The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Hero.

Tyler's not a fan of public proclamations of love and affection.

But this is my blog - and I have to gush. This guy is my hero. I've been a lot less than pleasant this week, had multiple (read tons) of emotional breakdowns, vented my heart out, and each time he patiently held me up and put me back into perspective.
Today was so much fun because I just got to hang out with my husband - talk and laugh and joke with him while we try desperately to come up with a name for our last-born. We suck at naming babies. I love his sense of humor, his honesty. I love the way he can make me feel beautiful with a jelly belly and greasy hair. I'm so thankful he thinks I can be 'mother of 6' and not completely screw up our kids.

Thank heavens for the Daddy of our house - he's amazing. (he also secretly loves it when I take his picture at random moments like this and then share them with the world :)

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jackson said...

I love you Tyler. I love your sense of humour and your cute cute face!
You are such a great husband, father and son! So happy that you live so close and we get to see you and your sweet family so often. Plus we get to have you as our doctor! What more can we ask for.
I wish all our kids lived closer so we could see them and their familes on a weekly basis! But we are so thankful for the 4 that are so close. love those grandkids so much no matter where they live!
love Mom