The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Sunbeam.

Brigham is our little sunbeam. He is so funny lately and is really changing a lot. Physically he's taller and getting more slender. He's quick to remind everyone that he is a big boy and wears underwears now that we have finally gotten him out of diapers for night-time. He's trying to adjust to primary and asks every week if he's going to nursery or if he's still a sunbeam. My new favorite thing is listening to him sing. He loves puzzles and is always asking to do them. He is very good at them and as long as I sit with him he'll do the whole thing himself - even the big 100 piece ones. He usually sings to himself the whole time he's working on a puzzle or a project. He's very good with scissors, but uses them regularly on things that aren't paper for which he gets in trouble quite a bit. His favorite song is "Book of Mormon Stories" and just so I won't forget I have to record how he pronounces the words:

"Booka Mormon Stories dat my teacher tell ta me,
are about da Lie-manites in his story,
long ago der fahvers kime from across da tree
livin' dis land if day live right dust lee."

It's so adorable. Another favorite song is from the Little Rascals, "You are so beauteeful, tuh me!" He tells me regularly that I'm breaking his heart and yesterday during church he told me (rather loudly) that I'm his best buddy. He's still got me wrapped around his little finger and I know that I spoil him shamelessly, but he's making great strides at being a responsible boy. He's getting very good at folding his clothes and as long as I make an effort to 'watch' him then he can do it all by himself. He likes to go places with Daddy and got to go home teaching yesterday. When they got home Daddy mentioned he might need to be a little older for that experience, but he loved it.

I'm so thankful for my dimpled boy and how he can make my heart happy 100% of the time.

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