The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Little Blonde Princess

Ayvri has become quite the big girl and a very good helper. She is getting very excited about starting school in the fall and won't let me forget that she is leaving me. She wants to start doing piano lessons and I'm realizing how completely negligent I've been to her education. The girly doesn't even know all her letters yet and thanks to her left-handed-ness she still writes her name backward most of the time. Still, she's very smart and I refuse to be worried about her academically at this point. Besides, we have all summer to get ready for Kindergarten right? She is a tender heart and breaks down in tears every time she gets into trouble. She also has a little defiant side and when she's mad there's no reasoning with her. She likes to play with her little siblings and she likes to play with her big siblings and when they are all occupied she likes to play by herself. She is very easy going for the most part and is always asking for hugs from everyone.
She likes to be my best helper and is always asking if there's a job she can be doing. She is a talkative little soul and loves to have lengthy conversations with anyone who'll indulge her. She likes to spend time in the kitchen with Mom and is still quite a Texican who doesn't like to get cold.
She loves to have her nails painted and all things girly and is constantly coloring or running through the house giggling. She doesn't know when to quit when it comes to teasing and being wild but is a great cuddler. She refuses to get under the covers at bedtime without me because according to her, "Mom's job is to tuck me in". She's full of opinions and laughter and light and we love our tinkerbell.

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Anonymous said...

"Stinker Bell" - correction by uncle Heath...really. What? a guy can look at his nieces on a blog too...